Top Powder Room Ideas You Can Give A Try -

Top Powder Room Ideas You Can Give A Try

Powder rooms are not uncommon to find in big apartments. They are also commonly known as half-baths and contain a sink, a toilet, and cabinets but have no bathtub or shower. These are small space rooms which people usually don’t pay much attention to. But with the right planning and implementing unique powder room ideas, you can easily transform this basic room into a stylish one.

We have curated for you a list of decor powder room ideas that are easily doable and don’t cost much either.

Top Powder Room Ideas You Can Give A Try
Top Powder Room Ideas You Can Give A Try

One Of The Best Powder Room Ideas To Try- Go Bold

The first rule of modern interior design is to keep it simple. But with powder rooms, it is different as they are small in size, and you don’t get overwhelmed with too much bold. Go for dark wall paint colors, use expensive material that you wouldn’t want to use in large rooms.

Use Bold Pattern Wallpapers In Powder Room

If you want to make your small powder room more lively, go for bold wallpapers. You can even go for tiling half of your walls and covering the rest with wallpapers. And the design of the wallpaper could be anything you desire, whatever satiates your artistic expression. You can even choose to use painter’s tape or stencils to create unique designs on the walls.

Use Warm Lights

The powder room is where you usually go to check your appearance and makeup. The lights there should be flattering and not too bright. Instead of using sharp LED lights, go for warm lights that are easy on the eyes.

While Choosing Powder Room Ideas, Focus On The Sink

The sink is the main centerpiece. So if you don’t want to go too dramatic with your walls by painting its wall too dark or quirky, focus on the sink. And there are so many different types of designs of the sink currently available in the market. Also, you can go for a normal porcelain sink where there is space constraint.

The Floating Vanity

For bigger powder rooms, you can opt for sinks that come along with vanity units. A floating vanity is a trendy choice amongst people due to several reasons. It looks good, and it makes space look bigger and creates a lot of space to store your stuff.

Top Powder Room Ideas You Can Give A Try
Top Powder Room Ideas You Can Give A Try

Choose The Right Accessories

Since the room is small and doesn’t have many items on display, each one of the items presents, it is important and to be paid attention to. For instance, go for beautiful towel hangers, choose vintage mirrors instead of normal ones and beautiful, intricately designed bottles and racks to hold soap and hand wash.


A powder room might be small but is an important part of your house. By choosing our design ideas, you can turn even mundane looking room into a stylish and elegant haven.

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