Small Bathroom Ideas That You Will Love -

Small Bathroom Ideas That You Will Love

Do you have a small bathroom that looks cluttered even with frequent cleaning? Tiny bathrooms can dampen your mood and make your mornings worse than they already are. But unfortunately, if you are living in a big city, most of the apartments come with small bathrooms, unless, of course, you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to move to a big house. But we have some of the most practical small bathroom ideas that can turn them into a stylish and comfortable area.

Small Bathroom Ideas That You Will Love
Small Bathroom Ideas That You Will Love

Small Bathroom Ideas To Go For- Remove The Shower Door

A shower door in a small bathroom will only make the room look more cramped. But many consider a shower door to be necessary as it prevents the water from spilling outside and making the whole bathroom wet. In that case, the alternative options one can go for is to install a sliding glass panel. It serves the same purpose and takes just the least of your space.

Use A Horizontally Large Mirror

For more than one person living in the same apartment, it is very common for them to use the bathroom mirror at the same time. The result is not pretty, and it makes the small bathroom feel smaller.

That’s why it’s better to install a mirror that stretches across the wall. This way, it will be easier for two people to use it at once without having to often bump into each other.

One Of the Popular Small Bathroom Ideas- Using A Faucet That’s Wall-Mounted

By installing a faucet that is mounted on the wall, you free up an ample amount of space as you can now use a narrower sink than before. These faucets are available in beautiful shapes and design so you can buy one which matches the rest of the decor of your bathroom.

Use The Outside Space To Your Advantage

If you think that your bathroom is too small to accommodate all your stuff, step outside. Keep only the necessary items, and for the other additional items that you don’t use often, use the outside space. You can add a rack or shelf in the area just outside your bath area to keep the rest of your stuff.

Small Bathroom Ideas That You Will Love
Small Bathroom Ideas That You Will Love

Get A Skylight(s)

Skylights would help make your small bathroom look bigger and spacious. It will also ensure you get enough light in your bathroom, an essential feature that we usually ignore. An underlit space is as bad as a dirty or cluttered space, and you must make sure that the lighting there is plenty. And what better way to do that than getting a picturesque skylight?


Oh, how we love spacious bathrooms with huge bathtubs and giant cabinets. But life isn’t fair, and we have to make the best use of what we have. Small bathrooms can also look comfortable, spacious, and can warm your heart if you follow the above-mentioned simple design ideas curated by us.

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