Small Bathroom Design Ideas - A Simple Guide -

Small Bathroom Design Ideas – A Simple Guide

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So you’ve finally made the decision to look into small bathroom design ideas. Congratulation! This can be a relatively easy project if you plan things right. Remember, it’s all about creating a space where there isn’t enough already. Here are some ideas to get you started:

First, and probably most importantly of all, small bathroom design ideas are about paring everything back down to basics. Really think about what you want in your room. Stick to the bare basics, so that you have as few bulky or built in objects in there as you can, while maintaining accessibility. Let’s go over a few ideas for creating the illusion of space from the ground up.

An Overview

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Wall-hung sinks are very popular small bathroom design ideas for new homeowners. They work great in small bathrooms because the sink is above the level of the floor. Many modern bathrooms use them as a way to add drama to a room with a small space. This is especially true in modern designs that feature a countertop on the lower half of the bathroom instead of a vanity. Using a wall-hung sink allows you to keep the vanity area clear for other uses.

Mirrors are always a good idea when working on small bathroom design ideas. One option is a simple mirror on the wall behind the toilet. Another option is to use a frame hung over the toilet. Either way, be sure that your mirrors don’t obstruct your doorways or hallways. Consider mirror compartments too to create an even more spacious look.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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Another great idea for small bathroom design ideas is using complimentary colors throughout the room. There are lots of beautiful colors out there that will liven up a small space. One of the most important things to remember about colors is that they should be soft, like pinks or blues. These colors will soften any hard surface areas and give the room an overall lighter feeling. Choose the exact shade that goes with your floor space and any furniture pieces.

For additional small bathroom design ideas, consider installing mirror walls. In fact, many mirror walls are made of pvc tubing to help save space and keep the vanity top open. A corner or side wall mount mirror is a really easy way to get an interesting look without a full sized mirror.

The color scheme of your small bathroom designs needs to be complementary. Many times homeowners choose bathrooms that are complete opposites of each other in color scheme. This can often lead to a mismatch of colors that completely takes away from the charm of the room. Be sure to plan out your color scheme ahead of time so that you can ensure that everything works together.

The tub and shower are the centerpiece of any bathroom, but it can often become the focal point of the space as well. In order to make your bathtub and shower look even more appealing, you can install elegant tile accents on both the countertops and the floor. By choosing marble, granite, soapstone, and other natural materials for your tile accents, you will create a bathroom that will make you want to take a long hot shower.

In The End

Small bathrooms can benefit from some simple flooring ideas. Glassine tiles provide a modern look for small bathrooms. These beautiful tiles come in a wide variety of styles and colors. There are even some that have different patterns and stripes in various colors. To add more depth to your walls, opt for slate tiles or stone. Stone provides a nice feel to your floors and backsplash while slate tiles are perfect for use on your countertop and sink countertops.

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