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POP Design: A Uniqueness In Modern Designing

Know All About POP Design

POP (Plaster of Paris) is a major ingredient in false ceilings. There are many materials through which POP design of false ceilings. Common materials in use are Gypsum material, fiber material, metal material, wooden material, Gyptone material, but pop material is the best of all.

POP ceilings (Plaster of Paris) are heavier and require more labor and materials to install than the Gypsum wallboard. It also involves troweling over plasterboard, or are upon wire lathe. They are more moisture-resistant than gypsum wallboard. Additionally, they are more impact-resistant, but they are also subject to shrinkage cracking and mold growth. But also issues that can be mediated more easily with special Gypsum wallboard products are available today.

POP Design: A Uniqueness In Modern Designing
POP Design: A Uniqueness In Modern Designing

POP Design Or Gypsum Home Ceiling

Gypsum wallboard (drywall, sheetrock, etc.) is faster and easier to install, is available in mold-resistant, water-resistant, fire-resistant, and other types, and is readily available in most building supply markets. Since it is often the preferred material for interior wall construction, skilled workers should be available to install and finish this project almost anywhere.

After finishing, installing, and painting your POP design ceiling, there isn’t much visual difference between plaster and Gypsum wallboard. It is not at least, not enough for a layperson to distinguish between the two products by looking at them.

Advantages Of POP Design Or Gypsum Ceiling

  • The biggest advantage of going for a gypsum ceiling is that it is a quick and clean method. This method of installation generates less dust during execution.
  • Gypsum plasterboards are large. Hence, there are very few joints created during installation. These joints receive a final touch with a jointing compound that dries very quickly.
  • Gypsum boards are easy to work with and paint because of their smooth factory-produced finish.
  • Since the mixture is made with precision in factory conditions, the quality remains consistent in boards of good brands.

Which False Ceiling Is Best, POP Or PVC?

It depends on the architectural intent as:

POP Design: A Uniqueness In Modern Designing
POP Design: A Uniqueness In Modern Designing
  1. The POP design will look beautiful, variant design, elegant colors, absorbent of moisture, difficult to maintain, tough to repair.
  2. PVC is for grid metal ceiling, looks of office type, non-absorbent of moisture, easy for maintenance, and easy replacement.

It is necessary to know about both the ceilings like the material, methods, advantages, disadvantages, etc. in selecting the best POP design for your home. Here is all you need to know about the difference between Gypsum and POP before you commit to a ceiling. You can choose between Gypsum boards or POP (Plaster of Paris). When deciding on the raw material for fabrication of the ceiling, components of POP, a naturally occurring mineral, are essential.

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