How to Remodel a Small Bathroom Yourself -

How to Remodel a Small Bathroom Yourself

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If you’ve never considered small bathroom layouts before, you could be in for a big surprise. Bathrooms are one of the smallest rooms in a home and that means it has to work harder than other rooms to impress visitors. Achieving a small bathroom layout can actually be quite fun because it requires you to think out of the box. It’s more like having an artistic vision rather than a scaled down version. Let’s look at some of the small bathroom layouts ideas that will help you get your creative juices flowing.

An Overview

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Small Bathroom Layouts Ideas – Think Out of the Box. Most people don’t realize that bathrooms should actually feel like a room in your house. Rather than fitting in small accessories like commode showers or toilet seats into a small bathroom, go with big bold patterns and artwork that really pop. You can create a beautiful little bathroom by hanging large paintings or sculptures onto the wall. Then have accessories that match your painting choice or even use all colors of paint in the same room.

Big Bathroom Layouts Want to create a small bathroom but still add in a large effect? Don’t worry. You can still have a huge looking bathroom with all of the same options as a larger space. Instead of using one long wall for a bathroom, make two long walls and use the remaining space for storage. Cabinets and shelving can be added as you like to further utilize the space and keep it small yet efficient.

Small Bathroom Remodeling

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Small Bathroom Layouts Ideas – Wall Clutter doesn’t have to be your friends. Instead of storing every single item you see in your cabinet or closet, organize your items on the floor. This will save space, give you more open floor space and eliminate the clutter. If you have too much on the floor, you might as well use that space for something else. Use your imagination and think outside the box. Maybe place all of your bottles on shelves and mix and match accessories.

Think Outside the Box. Your bathroom isn’t just a room to get clean. It’s a room to escape. Use your bathtub as a storage area for miscellaneous items and shoes. Organize hand towels and other items on your towel rack. You don’t have to have a lot of storage space to make a difference.

Create Storage Space Takes that unused corner of your bathroom and use it to make extra space. You can either install cabinets that you can use or add shelving to a wall to hold towels and items that you rarely use. Lighting is an inexpensive way to make a difference. By having a bit more natural light in your bathroom, you will be able to enjoy the space more.

Minimalism hits the nail on the head. When you go with a smaller space, there are a variety of things you can do to make the most of it. Use glass shelves to keep books, CDs, DVDs, or other files hidden out of sight. Get a floor standing bath tub to enjoy the relaxing water experience. Install a shower curtain that has a seat so that you can keep the water in a comfortable pool. You might even want to get a bidet or wash basin to really keep things hygienic and clean.

In The End

Many home improvement stores sell beautiful products that allow you to remodel your small bathroom yourself. You may need to hire a professional to help you, but many of the products are offered at a reasonable price. If you find you are not creative enough to remodel the room on your own, you can find companies that offer to remodel rooms for a fee. Either way, when you remodel your bathroom, you will have a place to say “I’m ready to go!”

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