Bowl Your Guests Over With An Exciting Living Room Design -

Bowl Your Guests Over With An Exciting Living Room Design

A living room is a place where you entertain guests and where you impress, so it should be a very beautifully designed space. Whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist, find something love worthy for a living room design.

If summers are for whites and pastel shades, then winters are for vibrant hues, so change your living room upholstery accordingly. It could be a geometric rug or great carpets that win a heart. Furniture with clean lines is doing the rounds.

Bowl Your Guests Over With An Exciting Living Room Design
Bowl Your Guests Over With An Exciting Living Room Design

Elitist Living Room Designs

Eclectic is the buzzword, and not all your furniture has to be color coordinated; it could be mix and match, and one sofa that everyone should have is the blue velvet sofa that stands out in a living room design. Another must-have is the regal chairs and stools, which look very pretty in pictures so that this zone could become your selfies zone. Armchairs are essential when you have someone elderly in the house.

Classic Design Options

If you like your evening cuppa to be had with some style, then add a small coffee table in the corner and enjoy the view of through the French window. French windows look very good in a living room design and add to the luxe value of the house. The window could open to the swimming pool. It all adds up and makes your home look like a dream mansion. This mantra is of the kind of homes that they show in the movies. This is the spectacular backdrop of your living room design, and it looks great.

Dramatic Living Room Designs 

Next come timepieces, which are very important not just as something that tells you the time, but also something that attracts attention to the beauty of a well-curated house. It shows the aesthetic sense of the house owner.

This living room design will make you win a lot of admirers. Next is an art in the house, for that you should convert one whole wall into an art piece. It gives your home a full dose of creativity. It is also called injecting personality into your home.

Focal Points Of A Great Living Room Design

All other walls could have a rustic floral wallpaper. But, you could leave out one of the remaining walls for the showcase.

This showcase should have three sections, one of which is for the TV and for video games, one for books and one another for all the showpieces that you have.

This last section is for all the knicks and knacks, souvenirs, and gifts that you have accumulated over the years. When you are decorating this living room design space, you could add a fireplace, which makes for a romantic edge to the house in summers, and you can use this space to have a Christmas party or New Years Party when its winters.

Bowl Your Guests Over With An Exciting Living Room Design
Bowl Your Guests Over With An Exciting Living Room Design

Innovative New Living Room Designs

If you are a fan of fairytale-style living room design, then add a swing set to the house. It could be a jute swing set with metallic fixtures so that it is sturdy and a beautiful cozy place where you can relax.

No room is complete without a small area where the greens are blooming and where you keep all your ferns, climbers, pebble, and cacti. Add a little black vase or two, and the green and black together makes for a priceless corner for those who have a green thumb.

You could go for a beamed ceiling for your living room to give it an open, airy feel, and the flooring could be marble.

You get a living room design, which is two things- well decorated and a comfortable space where you hang your hat.

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